Mackenzie Lintz

Mackenzie Lintz added to 24th annual young playwrights festival

Mackenzie Lintz has been added to the acclaimed 24th annual playwrights festival to be performed at the Stella Adler in Hollywood CA


See below for details



Under The Dome Set for Review episode June 23, 2014

Under The Dome is set to run a review episode at 10pm Monday night June 23, 2014    1 week before the long anticipated premiere of its second season.



Mackenzie Lintz in the newest press photo for The Hunger Games.

Mackenzie Lintz, The Hunger Games, Lintz

Mackenzie Lintz in the newest press photo for the mega-blockbuster The Hunger Games due out this coming March.

Mackenzie and Mom finish Hunger Games Shoot!

Mackenzie and Kelly finished shooting the mega blockbuster film The Hunger Games due out March 23rd------In a wierd twist Director Gary Ross (without knowing) cast both Kelly and Mackenzie not realizing they were mother and daughter.



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