Madison Lintz

Madison on Fox Atlanta

Madison to appear in Birmingham England for convention at the end of March

Check out this behind the scenes look at last nights Mid-Season finale of The Walking Dead

Bailee Madison, Madison Lintz, and Maverick Moreno onset of Parental Guidance

Bailee Madison and Madison Lintz and Maverick Moreno

Parental Guidance due out November 2012 Starring Billy Crystal, Marisa Tomei, Bette Midler, Bailee Madison-------




Madison Lintz on the Red Carpet for Season 2 of The Walking Dead

Zimbio put up these GREAT photos of Madison on the Red Carpet. ENJOY!!!!!!




New Cast Photos for Season 2 on

Madison Lintz in The Walking Dead season 2

Brand new photos of season 2 of The Walking Dead are now on


Madis is featured in a few of the photos


Madison lands role in new Billy Crystal feature film "Call Me Artie"

Madison Lintz will be playing the role of Ashley in the new Billy Crystal Feature Film "US and Them". Madison will be the friend of one of the lead girls played by Bailee Madison. (Bridge to Terabithia)




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