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Welcome, the Lintz kids have been pretty busy. Here's what's new...

Madison Lintz Up and Coming!!!!!

Mackenzie and Kelly Lintz ----- Hunger Games Family Affair

Norman Reedus mentions Barn scene and Madison Lintz in new interview

Check out this behind the scenes look at last nights Mid-Season finale of The Walking Dead

Madison Lintz on The Walking Dead

Madison Lintz made a dramatic appearance on the mid-season finale tonight --------- She has been blessed to be part of this show for the last two years.


Many more things will be coming from her shortly!!!!!!





Mackenzie Lintz in the newest press photo for The Hunger Games.

Mackenzie Lintz, The Hunger Games, Lintz

Mackenzie Lintz in the newest press photo for the mega-blockbuster The Hunger Games due out this coming March.

Bailee Madison, Madison Lintz, and Maverick Moreno onset of Parental Guidance

Bailee Madison and Madison Lintz and Maverick Moreno

Parental Guidance due out November 2012 Starring Billy Crystal, Marisa Tomei, Bette Midler, Bailee Madison-------





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