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Welcome, the Lintz kids have been pretty busy. Here's what's new...

Madison Lintz and Michael Rooker on Good Morning Texas

Mackenzie to be interviewed by Dead Daves Radio April 22 at 830pm

Catch Mackenzie on Dead Daves Radio at 830pm April 22, 2012

Mackenzie on Australian Radio!

FYI: Mackenzie's interview that was aired this morning in Melbolurne, Australia is available online at:

Mackenzie Lintz to appear in Birmingham England

Both Mackenzie Lintz and Annie Thurman (District 8 and 9 Girls) will be appearing at a convention signing autographs March 31-April 1 in Birmingham England.

Mackenzie Lintz interview by E! Online at Hunger Games Black Carpet

Tune into Hunger Games Yahoo LIVE STREAM March 12 830pm and see Mackenzie and Kelly on the Red Carpet

Madison to appear in Birmingham England for convention at the end of March


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