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Welcome, the Lintz kids have been pretty busy. Here's what's new...

Kelly Lintz to appear in We're The Millers

Kelly Lintz will be in We're the Millers, a comedy due out next year starring Jason Sudekais and Jennifer Anniston.




Matt Lintz to appear on Banshee as well(his mom was on it as well)

Matt Lintz will appear in the new Cinemax show Banshee in the upcoming year. He plays Horace who is the best friend of Max Hopewell.


His mom Kelly will also appear in a different episode as Marjorie Klipspringer the PTA HEAD of the school.


Lintz Family to attend Fright Night in Louisville, KY this weekend

Matt Lintz, Kelly Lintz, Macsen Lintz, Madison Lintz will all be signing autographs and taking pictures this weekend in Louisville KY


In a CONVENTION FIRST----The Lintz Family will be hosting their own panel discussion talking about getting your kids into the TV/FILM business


AS well Kelly Lintz will have PRIVATE one on one coaching sessions with families interested in the BIZ




Mackenzie Lintz to join 5 other Hunger Games Tributes in Miami at Supercon

Mackenzie Lintz, Annie Thurman, Tara Macken, Sam Tan, Ethan Jamieson, Dakota Hood


From The Hunger Games


Will be in Miami this weekend for Supercon


They will be signing autographs and taking picturesd with fans




Kelly Lintz to appear on new Cinemax show "Banshee"

Kelly Lintz will be appearing on the new Cinemax show "Banshee" -----The creator of True Blood also created "Banshee"

Matt Lintz to appear in Piranha 3DD to open June 1 nationwide

Don't miss Matt in Piranha 3DD out June 1st 2012 nationwide


Matt and Macsen in "What to Expect When Your Expecting" this Friday

Catch Matt and Macsen in the upcoming feature due to open nationwide Friday May 18th, 2012 


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