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Welcome, the Lintz kids have been pretty busy. Here's what's new...

Mackenzie Lintz nominated for Saturn Award

Along side Jack Gleeson, Chandler Riggs, Connor Jessup, Colin Ford, Jared Gilmore   Mackenzie Lintz has been nominated for a Saturn Award in the category of "Best Performance by a younger actor in a TV series"

Matt Lintz to sign with APA

We are excited to announce that Matt Lintz has signed with APA Talent Agency.

Madison Lintz to sign with Green and Associates

We are excited to announce Madison Lintz signing with Green and Associates. 

Mackenzie Lintz added as series regular for "Under the Dome' season 2

Mackenzie Lintz has been added as a series regular to CBS's hit summer series "Under the Dome" season 2. She will play Norrie-Calvert Hill

Great Interview of Mackenzie Lintz and Colin Ford about UTD

Matt Lintz added to Jeremy Renner new movie "Kill the Messenger"

Matt Lintz has been added to the New feature "Kill The Messenger" starring Jeremy Renner and Rosemaire Dewitt. Matt will play Renner's and Dewitt's son.

Macsen Lintz "Racking" up film credits

Macsen Lintz(8 yrs old) has been SUPER busy since 2012 ----racking up the following MAJOR theatrical released films  What to expect when your expecting, Scarey Movie 5, Grudge Match, and Almanac.  


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